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Model Horse Tack
Handcrafted from Genuine Leather
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All of Ben's model horse tack is 100% individually handcrafted, making every saddle, bridle or accessory an original creation!

Ben's line of model horse tack includes a line of saddles (western, english, military and period era specific styles), bridles and accessories for model horses that are 1/6 scale (Johnny West, Dragon and similar model horses) and 1/9 scale (Traditional-sized Breyer and Stone horses). We also make harnesses and some unique items such as Indian Blanket/Bridle Set, Pack Saddles, Wineskins, Grazing Hobbles, and Grain Sack/Feedbag Set. Ben was a Master Saddler with over 50 years experience and it showed in his, and now his daughter, Barbara's work! The details on each of the saddle creations are exquisite. Most all have adjustable stirrups and are all created from genuine top grain leather. Many accessories are lined with either thin leather or wool felt to give them a very polished and professional look!! All saddles come with saddle pad and girth.

A Tribute to Master Saddler, Ben Perry (1924 - 2008)

Ben's selection of quality and affordable model horse tack includes 8 types of saddles for the 1/10 scale model horses (traditional-sized Breyer or Stone horses) and 10 types of saddles for the 1/6 scale model horses (Johnny West and Sideshow horses). There are 6 styles of bridles for the 1/10 scale model horses (traditional-sized Breyer or Stone horses) and 4 styles of bridles for the 1/6 scale model horses (Johnny West and Sideshow horses), as well as a wide assortment of accessories. Don't forget to check out the line of military saddles for both size model horses!! They are designed to be authentic to the time period they are from.

All of Ben's creations are a labor of love and will accent your model horse beautifully! You definitely have to see them to believe them!

Buy Ben's model horse tack individually... or save money and purchase Model Horse Tack Packages.

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