When cowboys took long journeys on horseback, often to remote cabins in the mountains, they needed a pack horse upon which to load their supplies.  Pack saddles, just as these, were often utilized to carry bedding, clothing, food, etc.

PACK SADDLE & HALTER SET (With soft cloth "Paniers:)  
Sizes Available
1:9 Scale (BR) SKU#O 02 19p   $69.00
1:6 Scale (JW) SKU#O 02 16p $119.00
Large 1:6 Scale (DR) SKU#O 02 L16p $129.00

1880's Pack Saddle and Halter Set

Note:  You may choose between Paniers (soft cloth) or Bags (leather).

Color choice:  Black or Brown

PACK SADDLE & HALTER SET (With hard leather Bags)
Sizes Available   
1:9 Scale (BR) SKU#O 03 19p   $79.00
1:6 Scale (JW) SKU#O 03 16p $129.00
Large 1:6 Scale (DR) SKU#O 03 L16p $139.00
1:9 Scale with soft cloth "Paniers" shown on Breyer's Sergeant Mule

Custom-made from 100% genuine cowhide, this package includes a pack saddle with breast collar strap, breeching assembly, dual girths, two pack bags, saddle blanket, halter and leather lead.  There is an abundance of "adjustabililty" in this pack saddle.  Halter includes extra-wide noseband with stitch-mark design.  Hard Leather  bags open just like the real thing and are lined with leather. Both leather bags and cloth paniers are easily removable from pack saddle.

1:6 Scale with hard leather bags in brown  shown on Johnny West horse
Soft cloth Paniers
Hard Leather Bags in brown
1:6 Scale shown in brown on Johnny West horse without bags
1:9 Scale in brown without paniers or bags shown on Breyer's Sergeant Mule
1:9 Scale in brown with "Paniers" shown on Breyer's Sergeant Mule
Color Choice:  Black or Brown
 Hard Leather Bags

Designed to fit both the Breyer Mule and other Traditional-sized (1:9 scale)  Breyer models.