Bridles and Accessories

Ben's Custom Tack is all about "choices"!
 "Customize your order to meet YOUR unique style!
All saddlebags are made for our western saddles and military saddles, although some customers have interchanged the styles (i.e., used the "Military Saddlebags" on a western saddle).  All except the 1:9 scale (Breyer) Western Saddlebags have flaps that really open.  Each is made with as much detail as space allows.
A Note About Sizes:

1:9 scale fits traditional-sized Breyer horses and other model horses of similar size. These horses stand approximately 8.5" to 9" at the ears.

1:6 scale fits the Marx Johnny West vintage model horses and other model horses of similar size which stand 13" at the ears.  In real life this horse may have been a mustang.

Large 1:6 scale fits the larger "Dragon" model horse, Luis Aguilar's custom model horses, and other model horses of similar size. In real life this horse may be the size of a Warmblood or Clydesdale. These model horses stand about 14" at the ears.

Note: If you have questions about which size will fit YOUR model horse, I will gladly help you figure that out.
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A Note About "Packages"

Many accessories are offered as a "package deal" that saves you some money.  Under each saddle, if you continue to scroll down, you will see the suggested accessories for that saddle with a link to the Accessories page.  All accessories that are included in the packages will be made the same color as the saddle color you choose, unless otherwise noted. 

All bridles and accessories are listed below in categories to make it easier for you to navigate to the items that interest you.
Categories include:
All bridles are made from the very best kangaroo lacing I can purchase (from Australia!) which is very smooth and strong.  Bridles have extra length on most all straps,  especially for the 1:9 scale (Breyer) due to  the wide variability of sizes among the traditional-sized Breyers (and other horses that size).
You can now choose from three different accessory packages (WesternMilitary and English) to accent your saddle.  Each saddle package includes four different items.  Many (but not all) have choices between two different saddlebags, rifles scabbards, breast collars, and canteens.  You may order accessories individually, as well.
(rifle not included)
We offer breast collar styles for the English, Western and Military enthusiasts.  All have at least two points of adjustability, and straps usually arrive with extra length that you can snip off to customize the fit to your horse.  All Western and Military breast collars are lined on the backside (with thin leather or dense wool felt) to give it a very finished look!
Our canteens all come with adjustable strap.  We feature both Western and Military styles, some with fancy inlays!
Our rifle scabbards are available in several different styles for you to choose.  They do fit the rifles snugly, so the rifles will not fall out.  They come without rifles as I can no longer purchase them.
There are always some very unique items that I am inspired to create that really do not fit into any other category.   Explore this cateogy to find some very interesting (and very cool!) accessories, such as, wineskins, riding crops, grazing hobbles and more.  As always, I aspire to create them as authentic as possible from the information and photos I research.