This team harness is beautifully made to make you the envy of your model-horse-collector friends!  The design was created from photos of real (full-size) harnesses. Each harness features a hand-sewn and stuffed collar with pewter hames sewn onto it.  Bridle features accented blinkers.  Harnesses attach together (for each team) with a chain and each harness includes "tracer" straps on each side to attach to the rigging/poles on your rig.  Saddle (i.e., belly strap) features pewter terrets to run reins through.  All harness parts are made from 100% genuine leather and top-quality kangaroo lacing.

Sizes Available:  

 Note:  Stagecoach and Figure NOT included.   Horses are available for separate purchase.
1:9 Scale (BR) SKU#H 01 19  $125.00
1:6 Scale (JW) SKU#H 01 16  $149.00
(Not yet available in Large 1:6 scale)

Collar Team Harness

IMPORTANT:  It is usually best if I have your model horses to build and customize your harness(es) exactly to them.  You can either send me your model horses (minimal return shipping charges will be applied), or you can purchase them from me.  Simply tell me the style and color of horse you prefer, and I will do my best to provide a matching team(s) for you.
  Purchase as many harnesses as you need to form your team of 2, 4, 6 (or more) horses. 
                                Please note: each harness is purchased separately. 


Sold to compliment the Collar Team Harness

Additionally, fitting the harness to your horse (unless you have an abundance of experience doing this on "real" horses) is very challenging, to say the least.  You will receive your horse(s) with the harness already placed on them. 
Note:  You do have the choice to not have me put the harness(es) on your horse(s). 
  I will provide you with some instructions and wish you the best!
Breyer Horse 1:9 Scale (BR) SKU#H 02 19  $65.00

Team Collar Harness

Color choice:  Black or Brown 

1:9 scale Collar Team Harness in brown
shown on a Breyer horse
Note: Breyer Horses shown above are only samples. 
All horses sold are very similar to these styles.
1:6 scale  in black shown on Johnny West horse
1:9 scale  in black shown on Breyer horses
1:9 scale  in black shown on Breyer horse
1:9 scale  in black shown on Breyer horse
Stage coach created from an "Amati" kit by Chuck Nelson, Marino Del Rey, CA.  Horses are also customized by Kirby Jonas, Pocatello, ID.  Photo by Chuck Nelson.
                  PLEASE NOTE:         
     Prices listed below are  "per harness" prices.
                    (ie: $125 is the price for 1 harness).