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This page features photos from our customers--showing off their tack and accessories from Ben's Custom Tack.  If you have some to share, please email to:
Photos from Liz Phillips, Yukiah,  California:
Photos from Val Evans, United Kingdom,
of her Large 1:6 scale 1880 Trail Rider Saddle in brown, shown on Luis Aguilar's 1:6 scale resin horse.
1:9 scale English saddle in brown, including English O-ring bridle with laced reins, shown on Breyer horse.  Owned by Heather Good, Rye, New Hampshire.
"My model won 2 classes, 2nd in another and CHAMPION in performance at the VT Fun show last weekend in your tack. LOVE the set. Thank you so much

Heather Good, Rye, NH

October 28, 2014"
1:9 Scale Cheyenne Ranch Saddle with Inlaid Seat in brown shown on Breyer horse.
1:9 Scale Cheyenne Ranch Saddle in black shown on Breyer horse.
A Great Story!
Terry contacted me in November 2015 to identify a saddle she had just purchase on ebay.  Lo and behold I told her it was a "Ben's Custom Tack" original, made by my Dad, Ben Perry!
Terry wrote: " Thank you! Makes it even more special that is was made by your dad.  I will definitely keep it as a keepsake as well as use it in photo shows.  It reminds me of an old ranch saddle we had for one of our horses years ago. So detailed and realistic".
I heard from her again recently (July 2016) when she sent me the above photos. 
"Thought you'd like to see how nice it looks on my Seunta Poconos resin model that I recently painted. The photo backdrop was taken by me, also, on our trip to Yosemite last summer.  I've entered this photo in an online photo show (TOPSA Western Class). 
Photos from Terry Boaz: