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This unique item (sold only as a package) includes Native American Saddle, Faux Fur Saddle Pad and Bosal Bridle.  Features include a cantle and pommel decorated with feathers, beads and bells, as well as decorative brass accent tacks.  Read more about this package by clicking here.
This category of items features:
  • 2 different styles of harnesses
  • 2 different Native American Packages
  • 2 different Pack/Carrier Saddle Packages


Click on each picture or name below to go to individual pages showing all information about each item.    Categories include:
This team harness is beautifully made to make you the envy of your model horse collector friends!  The design was created from photos of real (full-size) harnesses.  Purchase  a single harness,  two for a two-horse team; four for a four-horse team; or six for a six-horse team.  You may also buy a Breyer horse to compliment the collar team harness.  Find more details on the Collar Team Harness page by clicking here.
This driving harness is made from genuine leather and kangaroo lacing.   It features a bridle with headstays, blinker and reins, breast collar with attached tracers, padded surcingle with attachments for crupper, girth, and whiffletree straps, crupper and breaching.  Read more about this driving harness by clicking here.
Custom-made from 100% genuine cowhide, this package includes a pack saddle with breast collar strap, breeching assembly, dual girths, two pack bags or cloth paniers (your choice) , saddle blanket, halter and leather lead.  There is an abundancy of "adjustability" in this pack saddle.  Click here to read more about this unique item.
This newly-designed Fur Carrier includes halter with extra-long lead, fur carrier with rear breeching, and breast collar.  Both breast collar and breeching are lined with leather for a professional look!  Top straps of fur carrier are lined with a thick wool felt to ensure safety of your mule's back.  FITS TRADITIONAL SIZED BREYERS AS WELL. 
Read more about this package by clicking here.
This Indian blanket/bridle set is   made from navajo material (colors may vary in pattern)  and is accented with brown lacing and a feather.  Includes one-eared bosal-style bridle, also accented with a feather.  See more about this set by clicking here.
Stage coach created from an "Amati" kit by Chuck Nelson, Marino Del Rey, CA.  Horses are also customized by Kirby Jonas, Pocatello, ID.  Photo by Chuck Nelson.
A Note About Sizes:

1:9 scale fits traditional-sized Breyer horses and other model horses of similar size. These horses stand approximately 8.5" to 9" at the ears.

1:6 scale fits the Marx Johnny West vintage model horses and other model horses of similar size which stand 13" at the ears.  In real life this horse may have been a mustang.

Large 1:6 scale fits the larger "Dragon" model horse, Luis Aguilar's custom model horses, and other model horses of similar size. In real life this horse may be the size of a Warmblood or Clydesdale. These model horses stand about 14" at the ears.

Note: If you have questions about which size will fit YOUR model horse, I will gladly help you figure that out.
Email Barbara at: barbara@benscustomtack.com