Hope Saddle

               This new saddle, designed exclusively by "Ben," is made to be as authentic as possible to General Kilpatrick's saddle (read history below).  It is made from 100% genuine leather and is 100% custom-made.  It features a unique style of fenders, skirts and back jockey with the pointed, elongated saddle parts and hooded stirrups.  The "dove" stamping is on the original saddle, and this stamping tool was ordered specially to produce this saddle.  The girth is unique with its wide style and leather lining on the off-side.  Underside of saddle features a dense wool felt, and stirrups are adjustable. Saddle comes with girth and saddle blanket shown. 

Color Choices:  Black or Brown

Hope Saddle
Sizes Available:  
Important Note:  Photos may not show this saddle in all sizes.  Please be assured that each saddle will be created as you see it, for the saddle size you order.

Suggested Accessories

to Accent the Hope Saddle:

  • Western Saddlebags (flaps open!--choose between two styles)
  • Rifle Scabbard (choose between two styles)
  • Breast Collar (choose between two styles)
  • Canteen (choose between two styles)
  • Halter/Lead
  • Western Bridle (choose between four styles)
  • Pommel and Cantle Bag set
  • Tapedoros
  • Wineskins
  • Feed Bag/Grain Sack
  • Grazing Hobbles
1:9 Scale (BR) SKU# M 05 19s  $ 85.00
1:6 Scale (JW) SKU#M 05 16s    $136.00
Large 1:6 Scale (DR) SKU#M 05 L16s  $150.00
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Hope Saddle


Save money when you buy a complete package!  All accessories included with the package will be made the same color as the saddle color you choose, unless otherwise noted.

Color Choices:  Black or Brown

Hope Saddle PACKAGE
Sizes Available:  
1:9 Scale (BR) SKU#M 05 19p  $ 94.00
1:6 Scale (JW) SKU#M 05 16p  $152.00
Large 1:6 Scale (DR) SKU#M 05 L16p $167.00
Hope Saddle Package includes:
  •  Hope Saddle
  •  Western Bridle
  •  Saddle Blanket shown

A little history about this saddle:  The Hope Saddle was originally produced in Texas about 1857 and built on a Spanish tree with a horn.  This particular version was styled after the Hope Saddle owned by Union Cavalry leader, General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick ~ the original one is in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.  The Hope Saddle was made to the specifications of the officer's style and taste.  Due to this, each was styled a little differently.  It was used by many officers on both sides of the civil war conflict.

1:9 scale in brown shown on Breyer horse
Large 1:6 scale in brown shown on Dragon horse
1:6 scale 
Hope Saddle
tooling details
1:9 scale in brown shown on Breyer horse
 Hope Saddle Girth

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