One of the major objectives of old-time mountain men was to trap, skin and sell hides!

Mule Fur Carrier
Sizes Available:  
1:9 Scale (BR) SKU#O 04 19p  $59.00
1:6 Scale (JW) SKU#O 04 16p  $79.00
Large 1:6 Scale (DR) SKU#O 04 L16p $99.00

Mule Fur Carrier Package

Color Choice:  Black or Brown 

              This newly designed Fur Carrier includes halter with extra-long lead and fur carrier with rear breeching and breast collar.  Both breast collar and breeching are lined with leather for a professional look!  Top straps of fur carrier are lined with a thick wool felt to ensure safety of your mule's back.  Fur carrier also is designed with a horizontal strap on each side to secure furs, along with a vertical strap for extra security.  You will notice an abundance of extra length on most straps that is provided for your customization.  Layer your furs for a realistic look!  Extra feature:  You will be provided with two pieces of fur to cut to your desired size and shape.  This design was inspired by Elizabeth Phillips of Ukiah, California.

Breyer's "Sergeant Mule" 1:9 scale shown in black
Breyer's "Sergeant Mule" 1:9 scale shown in brown