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Large 1:6 scale Tapedoros shown on a black western saddle on Dragon horse
Important:  Photos may not show all items in all sizes.  Please be assured that each item will be created as you see it for the size you order.
Color Choice:  Black or Brown
Color Choice:  Black or Brown
Sizes Available:
Sizes Available:
Standing Martingale
Color Choice:  Black or Brown
Sizes Available:
Riding Crop
Sizes Available (One):
Sizes Available (Pair):
Jazz up your western saddles with these stunning, lightly-tooled tapedoros.  They can be added to any western saddle of your choosing (during construction of the saddle) instead of the standard leather stirrup.

1:9 Scale (BR) SKU#A 30 19  $15.00

1:6 Scale (JW) SKU#A 30 16  $21.00

Large 1:6 Scale (DR) SKU#A 30 L16  $23.00

Made from strong and durable kangaroo lacing.  Adjustable at two points.  This standing martingale makes a great accessory for your English saddles.
1:9 Scale (BR) SKU#A 29 19  $12.00
1:6 Scale (JW) SKU#A 29 16  $15.00
Large 1:6 Scale (DR) SKU#A 29 L16  $17.00
1:9 scale Standing Martingale shown on Breyer horse in brown.
Made from kangaroo lacing and intricately made to give it an extra-special look.  Includes wrist strap for rider's hand.  These riding crops make a nice addition to your English Saddles.
1:9 Scale (BR) SKU#A 33 19  $14.00
1:6 Scale (JW) SKU#A 33 16  $15.00
Large 1:6 Scale (DR) SKU#A 33 L16  $16.00

One 1:9 Scale (BR) SKU#A 34 19  $12.00

One 1:6 Scale (JW) SKU#A 34 16  $14.00

One Large 1:6 Scale (DR) SKU#A 34 L16  $14.00

Accent your model horse scene with this replica of an old-timer's wineskin.  Traditionally used to safely hold and dispense "medicinal liquids."  Measures 2.5".  Order one or a pair.
Grain Sack/Feed Bag Set

Pair 1:9 Scale (BR) SKU#A 35 19  $16.00

Pair 1:6 Scale (JW) SKU#A 35 16  $21.00

Pair Large 1:6 Scale (DR) SKU#A 35 L16  $21.00

1:9 Scale (BR) SKU#A 36 19  $15.00

Accent your scene with this realistic set of a grain sack and feed bag.  Bag and sack are created using a double-thickness cotton, brown-speckled material.  Leather accents can be requested in black or brown.  "US" insignia is optional.  You can also request a short handle on the feed bag (as shown) or it can be lengthened to fit over your horse's head.  Longer strap (over the head) will be adjustable.
Sizes Available:
Grazing Hobbles
These two-legged-style, custom-made hobbles are made from kangaroo lacing.  Grazing hobbles are used to keep your horse from wandering off when there isn't a place to tie him up.  Such is the case for many cowboys on the open range.  Make your model horse display even more authentic with these custom-made hobbles!

1:9 Scale (BR) SKU#A 37 19  $7.00

1:6 Scale (JW) SKU#A 37 16  $10.00

Large 1:6 Scale (DR) SKU#A 37 L16  $11.00

Accent Color Choice:  Black or Brown
Color Choice:  Black or Brown
Sizes Available:
Saddle Stands
Can't find that perfect model horse for your saddle yet, or don't want to keep your tack on your horses?  Display it on this saddle stand.  Made from lightweight wood, it holds a western saddle or military saddle quite well.  (Not recommended for English Saddles.)
Buy it either assembled and stained, or buy the kit of five pieces and create it on your own.  Requires only wood glue and stain (not included).

1:9 Scale (BR) SKU#A 38 19  $11.00

1:6 Scale (JW) SKU#A 38 16  $12.00

Saddle Stand Kit Sizes Available:
Saddle Stand Assembled Sizes Available:

1:9 Scale (BR) SKU#A 39 19  $16.00

1:6 Scale (JW) SKU#A 39 16  $18.00

Saddle Stand Kit shown in 1:6 scale
Saddle Stand assembled shown in 1:6 scale
Saddle Stand assembled with saddle shown in 1:6 scale
Saddle Stand assembled shown in 1:9 scale
Shown in 1:6 scale
1:6 scale in black shown on Johnny West horse

1:6 Scale (JW) SKU#A 36 16  $18.00

Large 1:6 Scale (DR) SKU#A 36 L16  $19.00

Tapedoros shown in brown.