All of Ben's model horse tack is 100% individually handcrafted, making every saddlebridle or accessory an original creation!
Ben was a Master Saddler with over 50 years' experience, and it shows in his designs--and now his daughter Barbara's work! The detail on each of the saddle creations is exquisite. Every saddle comes with a girth(s) and a saddle pad and all are created from genuine top-grain leather.
Each saddle is handcrafted to create an authentic replica of a full-size saddle. The miniature details in these saddles will amaze you!

Ben's Custom Tack is all about choices! Customize your order in so many different ways!

You have your choice between:

* 22 saddle styles
* 28 saddle packages
* 6 harnesses and unique packages
IMPORTANT NOTE: Saddles are made to fit the horse, not necessarily the figures.  Some figures are difficult to seat properly due to the limitations of their joints.