Saddles and Packages

Saddles are listed in categories to make it easy to navigate to the type of saddle(s) you want to explore.  Categories include Military SaddlesWestern Saddles and English-Style Saddles.  Click on each picture or name to go to individual pages showing all the different types of that saddle.
We make saddles primarily from the Civil War era.  Details are re-created as much as feasible, considering the small size of the saddles.  You have the option to choose from seven different saddle blankets at no extra cost!
Some saddles in this category are from the wild-west era, and some are modern-day western saddle styles.  Details on these saddles are authenticated to make them look like the real thing!  Each saddle blanket is chosen to best match the color of your saddle.
We offer a few different styles of English saddles for your consideration.  Each comes with a saddle blanket and girth(s).
A Note About Sizes:

1:9 scale fits traditional-sized Breyer horses and other model horses of similar size. These horses stand approximately 8.5" to 9" at the ears.

1:6 scale fits the Marx Johnny West vintage model horses and other model horses of similar size which stand 13" at the ears.  In real life this horse may have been a mustang.

Large 1:6 scale fits the larger "Dragon" model horse, Luis Aguilar's custom model horses, and other model horses of similar size. In real life this horse may be the size of a Warmblood or Clydesdale. These model horses stand about 14" at the ears.

Note: If you have questions about which size will fit YOUR model horse, I will gladly help you figure that out.
Email Barbara at:

A Note About "Packages"

Many saddles are offered as a "package deal" that saves you some money.  On each individual saddle page scroll down and you will see the package deal(s) offered for that saddle.  All accessories that are included in the packages will be made the same color as the saddle color you choose, unless otherwise noted. 
All saddles are:

​• 100% genuine Leather
• 100% Individually Custom-Made
• 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
• Numbered for authenticity
• Treated with leather protection

A Note and History About the Different Sizes

The Breyer Horse 1:9 scale
Breyer Animal Creations was founded in 1950 in Chicago, IL, originally called Breyer Molding Company.  They gained recognition when the company was commissioned to create a horse statue to adorn a mantel clock.  The horse was approximately 1:9 scale, and the model was retained as payment for molding the parts.  Orders began to roll in for the horse only, and the Breyer Animal Creations company was founded.  Now, Breyer has become a leader in producing model horses.
Ben's Custom Tack has designed a line of model horse tack to compliment these beautifully deisgned 1:9 scale model horses.
Vintage Johnny West Figure + Restored/Repainted Vintage JW Horse
(by Kirby Jonas)+
Ben's Custom Tack equipment
Breyer Horse +
1904 Trail Rider Saddle Package
Whether you are outfitting your model horse for the show ring, your shelf at home, or a scene you have created, these custom-made saddles will put the finishing touch on your model horse.

When collectors add Barbara's leather artwork to their vintage collection of Johnny West horses (1:6 scale), Breyer Traditional-sized model horses (1:9 scale), or other beautifully-created model horses (some, such as the "Dragon" horse or Luis Aguilar's spectacular custom horses, are large 1:6 scale), the results are breathtaking!

The "Dragon" Horse
The "Dragon" horse, it is said, is also a 1:6 scale horse (like the Johnny West Horses). However, in actuality, it is much larger . . . taller, broader, with a much larger head. This saddle size measures approximately 4.5 inches from front to back, in comparison to 4 inches front to back that fits the Johnny West Horses.

After many, many requests to enlarge our "Johnny West" saddles to fit this larger horse, we now offer most all saddles in this size, too.

There are other great custom model horses produced that are large like this horse (and fits this size saddle, expecially the ones made by Luis Aguilar of Mexico).
The "Johnny West Horse" - 1:6 scale (a vintage Marx collectible horse)

A mythical character named Johnny West (and his horses) lived out some wonderful days in the hearts and minds of youngsters during the 1960's and 1970's. Johnny West and all of his friends rode into the homes of countless children while westerns were at their peak on television and the Louis Marx Company was nearing the end of their own.

Marx soon produced a horse named Thunderbolt in several different colors, as well as some other horses (Storm Cloud Pinto, Comanche, Pancho Pony, Flame). An abundance of plastic tack followed. The horses, wagons, and all of the accessories created by the Marx Toy Company artists and modelers were very realistic. The figures, and even one of the horse series models, were jointed and easily posed.

As for Johnny West himself, the catalog advertised he rode his horse, Thunderbolt, "outfitted in hat, chaps, vest, holsters, and spurs." The set further included guns and cookout gear.

Other Marx selections in connection with Johnny West and friends late in 1973 included Sam Cobra and horse, Satan; Chief Geronimo and horse, Morning Cloud; and Sheriff Garret and a horse, which was unnamed in advertisements.
Antiqued  (Brown) 1904 Trail Rider Saddle
Photo courtesy of Terry Martin. Ben's Western Roper Saddle which NANed with this ranch scene.

  1859 McClellan Cavalry Saddle

Barrel Racing w/ Basket-Weave

Cheyenne Ranch w/ Inlaid Seat & Fenders

 1904 Cavalry Saddle

A Note About Leather, Dyes and Antiquing:

Please be aware that leather has many idiosyncrasies.  One hide can be thicker on edges and narrower in the center.  The quality of the leather hide gets poorer toward the edges. I carefully choose each part of the hide I use to create the best product for you.

The idiosyncrasy that interferes most with the finished look of my saddles, by far, is how the leather takes the dye.  Any little mark in the leather (whether I can see it or not on the natural leather) emerges (darkens more than the rest of the piece) when dye is applied.  I try to minimize this as much as possible; but, alas, it is not always possible.  I try to think of it like this . . ."well, this saddle looks a little antiqued."

The final appearance of an "antiqued saddle," by far, has the most variables.  Not only does the idiosyncrasy of the leather affect the appearance, but also the way I apply the antique finish to the leather.  Because each saddle is individually created, the antiquing also is unique and individual to that particular saddle.  All come out looking good, but each is a little different.

Note: If you want your saddle "antiqued" and that option is not listed with the saddle,
LET ME KNOW (  This can easily be done for a small extra cost.