Special Custom Designs

Many of my customers have some very creative ideas on how they want their saddle to be made.  Many just want minor adaptations to my current saddle styles.  Others have very different saddles in mind.
I will consider all of your ideas!  I will also let you know if I do not think I can do your ideas justice to create your saddle.  Each is an individual decision and individually priced.
The best way to let me know what you'd like is to find a photo or sketch that best represents your ideas, and send them along to me.  That REALLY helps me to "be on the same page" to create the saddle you are envisioning.
Email me (Barbara) and let me know what you'd like!  Email to:  barbara@benscustomtack.com.
Custom designs I have done in the past:
Made for Eve Bolinder of Sweden.  This is a "Battat" horse that stands 20" tall at ears.
Zorro Saddle Package on Johnny West (1:6 scale) horse.
Made for Brian Wilsdon, United Kingdom
Medieval Saddle
Made for Byron Crockett, Canada
Combo 1904 Cavalry Saddle and Harness
Cone-Shaped Feed Bag
Custom-made Bridle for Antique Rocking Horse.  The saddle was also refurbished by me.
Silver-Laced Cantle and Nameplate
Breast Collar accented with Conchos
Custom-designed Harness for Antique Bread Wagon Horse
Star Saddle Set made for my granddaughter, "Soleil," on her ninth birthday
Custom-designed German Military Harness.   Photos by Mark Smida, E. Norriton, PA.
Custom-designed 1:6 Scale Two-Toned, Oak-Leaf-Tooled Western Saddle Set for Johnny West horses.   Photos by Barbara McDermott, Christmas, FL

"Lone Ranger Saddle Set"

made for

James from Baton Rouge, LA. 

 Please Note: Saddles are made to fit the horse, not necessarily the figures. Some figures are difficult to seat properly due to the limitations of their joints.